Employee Spotlight: Josh Miller, Product Development Chemist

On any given day, you can find a team of formulation chemists working diligently “on the bench” at our laboratory in Salem, Va., laser-focused on quality control and product development testing. One of those metalworking fluids experts is Josh Miller, Senior Development Chemist.

Miller has been a member of the QualiChem team since he graduated from Virginia Tech in 2010. He leverages his Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry Minor, and his decade of experience of working with both water treatment and metalworking fluids to advance our next generation premium metalworking fluids.

Rising to the Challenges of Development Chemistry

When Miller joined QualiChem, he worked on quality control and analytical testing with the Water Treatment division, later moving to product development in 2014. Here, he learned more about the systems and processes we have in place to continually improve formulations for applications in the field as part of our custom laboratory support services. After an opportunity arose in Product Development with the Metalworking Division, Miller changed gears to become the Senior Product Development Specialist he is today.

“Starting out in quality control allowed me to get to know the products and how they can be applied in different ways,” says Miller. “The years I spent in product development with Water Treatment was a great introduction to the processes and systems we use.”

Miller works alongside Senior Scientist John Kurosky and Product Manager John Wilhoit to review the Analytical Trend Analysis (ATA) and Laboratory Service Requests (LSR) conducted by the technical support chemists. Through these processes, the lab routinely tests products, documents reports and trend analysis on fluid products, and assists in troubleshooting issues from the field. Together, they play a critical role in delivering the QualiChem Advantage: innovative chemistry designed to maximize productivity in the metalworking market.

The job definitely keeps us on our toes. You face a new challenge every day, which is something that I look forward to.

Josh Miller, Senior Development Chemist

Miller says he loves the fact that he gets to serve a large, diverse customer base with different applications. With so many different factors in play, they collaborate with the technical team in the field and use their knowledge and experience to find solutions and to push every product forward.

Defining the Leading Edge

Over the past decade, Miller has been involved in a wide range of product research and development projects, but one of his first projects remains one of his favorite accomplishments.

“When I first started the role of Product Development Chemist, they recognized that I was attentive and ready for a challenge. I worked on a new lower cost product that would fill a gap in our product line,” he shares.

Josh took QualiChem’s Q-CUT 215 from an idea to a commercial product. This lower oil semi-synthetic is the perfect option for a cost-conscious job-shop doing a little bit of everything. The Boeing-approved XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 also receive an honorable mention for favorite projects, considering the recent expansion of approvals for usage areas 1-6. Miller continues to prove over and over that he can rise to any challenge to develop QualiChem’s premium metalworking products.

QualiChem’s Cultural Advantage

So why QualiChem? Miller joined the team right after graduating from college. He grew up in Southwest Virginia and wanted to stay in the area.

“Even though we’re global, it’s a small company. You get to know everyone and there is a close-knit family-like atmosphere,” says Miller. “We’re definitely data-driven in our work, but you can tell the company is people-driven too.”

Outside of the office, Miller enjoys staying active, taking advantage of the outdoor amenities that the area has to offer. He also spends time playing golf and playing on the company softball team, Team XTREME – who recently won their first game!

Josh Miller has made a big impact on the QualiChem team both on the field and on the bench. He’s one of the many important chemists at QualiChem who work diligently to provide the cutting-edge products and technical support our customer rely on for every day machining.