QualiChem, Inc. Receives Expanded Approval from Boeing for Use of XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290

QualiChem, Inc. is pleased to announce that as of February 22, 2021, our XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 now have approval for Boeing’s usage areas 1-4, per BAC 5008. These products were previously approved in 2010 for usage areas 5 and 6.

“We’re proud and excited that QualiChem has received approval for these additional usage areas through the strenuous BAC 5008 approval process with Boeing. Our two flagship products, XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290, can now be used in more aerospace shops as a result.”

—Michael J. Forest, Vice President, Metalworking

Dedication to Aerospace Machining Performance

XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 are QualiChem’s premium semi-synthetic coolants. They provide unmatched corrosion control, foam control, extended sump life, cleaner machines, reduced consumption, and excellent cutting performance on aluminum, steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. While the approval for usage areas 1-4 are new, both 250C and 290 have a decade-long record of performance. Their aerospace approval list also includes Airbus, Airbus Canada/Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon, Lockheed, Safran, and GE.

Video Transcript

“Aerospace has always been a strategic focus at QualiChem. Our goal is to become the world leader for aerospace metalworking fluids not only from a productivity standpoint, but from a Health, Safety, and Environmental perspective as well.”

—John Wiley, Director, Global Marketing

QualiChem continues to invest in product development, leveraging our knowledge to formulate coolants that help aerospace manufacturers establish new productivity standards. Newly added resources will help maximize the value provided to the aerospace industry in North America, Europe, and Asia.

About the XTREME CUT Product Line

While all of QualiChem’s products are designed to improve productivity, we recognize an opportunity for premium products with top-tier performance for customers seeking greater lubrication and cooling properties, improved bio-control, reduced consumption rates, and better foam control. Our XTREME CUT product line includes a wide range of solutions from full-synthetic coolants to gas-to-liquid (GTL) based cutting oils.

Learn more about the origin and growth of our XTREME CUT Premium product line.

Specifically, XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 are designed to provide excellent tool life and surface finishes across the broad range of aluminum, especially 6061, 7075, and 2024. XTREME CUT 250C is well suited for shops machining primarily aluminum alloys, with a mix of other materials. XTREME CUT 290, however, is intended for shops specializing in more difficult-to-machine aerospace alloys and is fortified with unique lubricants. These lubricants help provide outstanding cutting performance on not only titanium but Inconel and 4340 as well. As a result of the recent approvals, 4340 is one of the metals that XTREME CUT 290 is now approved for use on.

These premium products can provide cost savings through improved cycle times and reduced coolant consumption. In fact, many customers see a 20-40% reduction in the consumption of coolant.

If you’re doing work for Boeing and need to comply with BAC 5008 specifications, we invite you to try out XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 for your coolant solution. Our product technology combined with our team of scientists and application experts can help you maximize efficiency and minimize costs. In today’s competitive aerospace market, you should expect nothing less.