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QualiChem's Metalworking Fluids Division was founded at a time when innovation in cutting and grinding fluids had become stagnant. Fluid technology was failing to keep up with advances in machines, tooling, pumps, filtration, and maintenance equipment. A group of industry veterans recognized the opportunity and put their experience into action.

The founding mission was to develop and produce best-in-class fluid technology by being strategic, and building a team of talented formulators, blenders, buyers, customer service reps, sales engineers, lab techs, and distributor partners. And with that same team, provide after-sale support to maximize customer satisfaction.

Since 2004, QualiChem's people, products, and partners have redefined what should be expected from a metalworking fluid and the fluid supplier. The results are strong customer relationships that propel the company far beyond it's humble Virginia roots.

Today, QualiChem products and partners can be found around the globe, with satisfied customers in more than 30 countries.

By understanding the evolution of metalworking fluid users and by working closely with the people, companies, industries, and regulatory entities who influence the markets, QualiChem is able to craft solutions that are relevant for today and tomorrow.

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QualiChem Metalworking

Research & Manufacturing

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Best-in-class fluid technology does not happen by accident. It is the result of a focused and strategic approach to product development.

The development team includes formulators, technical support chemists, application specialists, as well as quality control, supply chain, and operations managers. It is not enough to design a product in the lab - we aim to deliver consistent quality to a multitude of different markets, each with unique needs and restrictions.

Working closely with like-minded raw material suppliers and collaborating on new technologies supports our mission. Supply chain integrity is critical, now more then ever.

We manufacture our dependable metalworking fluids in state-of-the-art facilities, one located in Salem, Virginia and another in Bendorf, Germany.

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QualiChem’s commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

Who We Are

QualiChem Metalworking isn't just a chemical business—we're a people business. We keep the customer’s needs at the forefront of our product development and align ourselves with suppliers who care. Learn more about our brand at the link below.

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Our Team

Coming from diverse backgrounds, QualiChem’s employees are empowered to leverage their experience and expertise to support our customers and help their businesses thrive. We incorporate this experience and expertise into the recruiting and developing of the next generation of employees.

No matter their role, each employee is dedicated to their task, working smartly to bring the most value to our customers.

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Careers: Changing the Game

QualiChem Metalworking is committed to providing outstanding support to our customers and high performance fluid products. We live by our mission: to develop and produce best-in-class fluid technology by being strategic, and building a talented team.

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