XTREME Premium Product Line Offers Cutting Edge Metalworking Performance

At QualiChem, your priorities are OUR priorities. We deliver fluid technology that maximizes your productivity in ways relevant to you. Our metalworking fluids and technical support keep pace with the demands created by machine tool and cutting tool evolution. Coolant-through tooling, faster spindles, smaller sumps, higher pressures, and finer filtration can impact coolant integrity. Advancements in the industry require advancements in metalworking fluids.

XTREME ≠ Status Quo

QualiChem dares to be different. When we began making metalworking fluids in 2005, our formulators started by building a dependable, durable line of fluids. We entered the market, established credibility, and carved out our space in a very crowded field of competitors.

Not satisfied with the status quo, our team started the development of products for those companies seeking more from their metalworking fluids: greater lubrication and cooling properties, improved bio-control, reduced consumption rates, and better foam control. From here, the QualiChem XTREME line of metalworking coolants and cutting oils was born.

While we knew our original products were well-designed, we wanted to go to the next level and provide top-of-the-line products with performance unmatched in the industry.

Mike Forest, Vice President, Metalworking

From full-synthetic coolants for CNC machining to gas-to-liquid (GTL) based cutting oils for Swiss-style turning, our XTREME product line is the best of the best. While our Q-CUT and MET-CUT products get the job done, they weren’t designed to change the industry.

“The XTREME line was built entirely with high-performance and demanding applications in mind,” says Forest. “The XTREME line comes with a higher price tag, but the added performance will boost productivity, reduce downtime, keep tools running longer, and improve finishes.”

Our goal is to give our customers what they need. For some, it’s a quality product at an accessible price. For others, it’s a top-of-the-line product that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

Expansion of our XTREME Line

Once we introduced the XTREME coolants and straight cutting oils, we knew we had something special. First, we established a trusted technology platform for each major material and application. From there, we developed new products to meet a growing list of performance requirements for aerospace, medical, oil & gas, electronics, hydraulics, bearings, and other industries.

“Each of our XTREME products is developed to set new productivity benchmarks,” says Forest. “Every industry presents a unique set of challenges that need to be understood and factored into product development, whether that is a material need, such as titanium, nickel alloys, or cast iron, or an application need, such as deep hole drilling, centerless grinding, or 5-axis machining.”

For example, our XTREME CUT 290 is formulated to improve tool life on difficult aerospace alloys like Inconel 718, 6Al-4V titanium, and various stainless steels, all while being safe and suitable for cast and wrought aluminums. Recently, at an account in the Pacific Northwest, we eliminated foam and unscheduled downtime for a manufacturer of ball screws, safety rods, and gears to the aerospace industry.

Our metalworking experts introduced XTREME CUT 290 to help with the foam problem, which it did. But after some time working with XTREME CUT 290, they realized an unexpected benefit: even though our product cost more than the original coolant, they were using less 290 to keep the systems running. The reduced coolant usage saved this manufacturer 49% in annual coolant cost.

Mike Forest, Vice President, Metalworking

With every iteration of the XTREME line, our customers realize the benefits. Whether it’s leveraging the cleanliness of our XTREME CUT 719S, our leading GTL cutting oil for the medical industry, or increasing surface finish with XTREME CUT 232, one of our premium water dilutable coolants, you can expect the best.

You Can Depend on XTREME

Regardless of the fluid related challenges you might be facing, QualiChem has a solution. Our products are proven to increase tool life, minimize foaming, control residue, and reduce consumption. The QualiChem Advantage is our commitment to listen to our customers’ needs and implement the most relevant solution for them. The success of our XTREME product technology is not purely a function of capable resources—it is a result of intelligent effort.

We’re happy to talk with you about your unique situation and recommend the best product for your needs. Let us resolve your issues so you can get back to work.