Our products can be found in aerospace, medical, oil & gas, semi-condutors, firearms, mold & die, tube and wire mills, and many other essential industries. Learn more below.

Aerospace: Military and Commercial

With QualiChem's aerospace approved fluids, your productivity will take flight. Our aerospace product line has approvals from all of the major aircraft builders.

Whether for use on engines, structures, wings, landing gear, actuators, or cabin systems, QualiChem has the right product. Proven compatibility with 2000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminum, titanium alloys, alloy steels, high temp nickel alloys, and composites, QualiChem understands the unique demands each material presents.

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Medical and Dental

Medical and dental tools, implants, and related instruments require a high level of performance and regulatory compliance.

QualiChem offers coolants and straight oils designed specifically for the unique manufacturing needs of the orthopedic, trauma, and oral care industries. Easy to clean formulations that work well on titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless steels, and aluminum alloys.

Made without animal fats, nano-particles, and other restricted components, QualiChem delivers performance and compliance.


QualiChem has the power to reenergize your equipment and workflow. Our product line has been proven to reduce costs, increase productivity, and more for customers in the energy industry.

Oil & Gas exploration, refining, and transportation requires the use of a wide variety of alloy steels, stainless steels, and other corrosion resistant materials. Many of these materials can be difficult to machine. This is where the QualiChem know-how and product line can help control costs and reduce scrap.

QualiChem's products can be found in use on the manufacturing of hydro- and wind- turbines, mining equipment, copper wire, and battery storage systems.

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Other Industries

From automotive and defense to semi-conductors and job shop variety work, QualiChem's products can be found in a wide array of essential industries.

No matter the tools, the materials or the type of CNC machinery, QualiChem has a fluid that will meet your needs. Our people and our partners take pride in understanding the unique requirements present in both high production plants and small batch contract manufacturers. Products that work well, consistently, backed by decades of know-how and experience.

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