Rust Preventatives & Corrosion Inhibitors

Our corrosion preventatives meet your needs for indoor, outdoor, or in-process protection from rust and other forms of corrosion. We offer surface protection products designed for a variety of storage conditions and durations, in different film types, and capable of meeting most regulatory constraints.

Product Types and Branding include:

  • Q-GUARD : Water-Based Synthetic RP Concentrates
  • Q-KOAT: Oil-Based Protective Fluids
  • Q-SHIELD: Solvent-Based Protective Fluids
  • SOL-KOAT: Water-Based Emulsion Concentrates

thick chemical pouring from flask
Close-up of a metallic surface with concentric ridges and a central circular hole, showing detailed machining work.

See the Difference with QualiChem:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Low VOC and Barium Free formulations available
  • Duration Specific Designs: Select the level of protection needed
  • Various Film Types: Oil, Solvent, and Water-based Chemistries
  • Water Repellent: Water and Moisture are repelled to avoid corrosive conditions
  • Effective in Different Conditions: Indoors or outdoors, in high humidity, or in salty or acidic conditions

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