Metal Forming Fluids

Our metal forming fluids include straight oils, soluble oils, and synthetic designed to meet a variety of demands in the metal forming market. QualiChem has products for tube mills, wire drawing, progressive and transfer stamping, fine blanking, cold heading, barrel rifling, bending, and many other forming operations.

Product Types and Branding include:

  • Q-TUBE: Tube Mill and Profiling Fluids
  • AQUA FORM: Water-Based Forming and Stamping Fluids
  • AQUA DRAW: Water-Based Concentrates for Wire Drawing and Deep Drawing
  • MET-FORM: Oil-Based and Solvent-Based Drawing and Forming Fluids

fluid running through machine
A forklift operator transporting blue chemical drums inside a warehouse with shelves stocked with various industrial containers.

See the Difference with QualiChem:

  • Extended Die Life: Smartly designed fluids reduce galling and other sources of wear
  • Regulatory Compliance: Avoid the elements that impede your environmental and safety targets
  • Easier to Clean: Water cleanable technologies for the most demanding operations
  • Compatible with Zinc Coatings: Formulations for galvanized and galvanneal tubes and profiles
  • Aluminum and Copper Safe: Wire drawing fluids for single and multi-wire systems

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