Employee Spotlight: John Breedlove, Plant 2 Supervisor

QualiChem has been a trusted business partner providing world-class manufacturing, support, and technology since 1989. With our team’s combined experience, QualiChem formulates, blends, and supplies metalworking fluids and water treatment solutions globally. The foundation of our success begins with our people. Employees like John Breedlove strive to deliver the highest quality product for our customers.

QualiChem Production Professional

Plant Supervisor John Breedlove has found working for QualiChem to be one of his most significant professional accomplishments. His story began in 2004.

Breedlove was first introduced to QualiChem while working for Valleydale Packaging in Salem. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Valleydale closed its doors but not before giving employees the opportunity to attend job fairs to find new careers. “QualiChem came to the job fair. The job looked pretty intense, but I put my name in to see where this path could take me,” Breedlove mentions.

By January 2005, Breedlove began his career with QualiChem as a PA. He worked his way up through positions like Blender, Lead Man, Master Blender, and Plant Supervisor.

Plant Supervisors at QualiChem are responsible for directing the overall operations and maintenance of the facility. Breedlove upholds QualiChem’s dedication to quality over quantity by skillfully leading his team and actively facilitating their access to all necessary resources. “The production team shares knowledge and is conscious of the quality of work and raw materials we use daily. We review the do’s and don’ts, raw material checkpoints, and general things to look out for. It’s a balancing act, and we get it done,” Breedlove mentions.

A Culture of Connection

As a Plant Supervisor, Breedlove enables his team to stay well-equipped to do their jobs by providing support and guidance wherever he can. “I have three things I lead with: safety, teamwork, and organization. I work closely with my team to keep our workflows running smoothly, which in turn ensures everyone can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. We work together to make sure our products meet our quality specifications while prioritizing each other’s safety,” he says.

As a strong advocate for support, Breedlove encourages his team to work hard and grow. Having a background in Social Work, Breedlove recognizes the overlap in how he leads his team. “We have guys who come from different backgrounds, and many of them are young. If I can talk to them, not just as a Supervisor, but on a human level, I can use my social work skills to try and guide them. If they feel like they have someone to talk to, then they can come in and do their jobs more effectively,” he mentions.

Breedlove is a people-oriented individual who values equality and sees himself as an average guy with the knowledge to share. He believes in being authentic to himself and his employees, both personally and professionally. His favorite aspect of his work is not solely about the job itself but rather the opportunity to positively impact others. Breedlove says, “Each day if I can help one person – maybe someone having a bad day or someone needing my help – if I can help that one person, I’m successful.”

QualiChem is committed to providing stellar support to customers and high-performance metalworking and water treatment solutions. John Breedlove is just a single example of an exemplary employee, showcasing the caliber of individuals who form the backbone of QualiChem.