Employee Spotlight: Andrew Hopper, Senior Sales Engineer

QualiChem aims to be a global leader for metalworking fluids across a variety of industries, including aerospace, medical, and semiconductor. To continue sharing our innovative technology and further expand our reach, QualiChem has onboarded Andrew Hopper, Senior Sales Engineer, to support the growing demand for everyday machining in Canada.

Andrew joined the team in August of 2021 with over 27 years of experience in the chemical industry — 17 of those in metalworking. He leverages his knowledge of the field and decades of experience to talk about products, applications, and improvements with potential customers and market leaders.

Experience, Expertise, & Exceeding Expectations

Andrew brings with him years of experience working with market leaders. “Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work on both the manufacturing and the distribution sides, which allows me to better understand the specific needs that each requires”.

Before joining QualiChem, Andrew worked as a Business Development Manager for one of our distributor partners. “In this field, you get to see how the manufacturer works with others before joining the company,” he says. “I have experience in the industry and was impressed by how responsive and customer-focused QualiChem is as a company. It felt like I would be working for a family company, but on a global scale.”

Next Generation of Metalworking Fluids

Aerospace manufacturers can count on QualiChem’s metalworking fluids. QualiChem offers new technology that meets the high standards of the industry. “Our competitors are companies that have had aerospace approvals for many years with the same products. With QualiChem, we have new technology and recent aerospace approvals,” Andrew says. “We’re not working off decades-old technology, it’s advanced, new technology.” In the Ontario and Quebec markets, the response to this newer technology has been extremely positive. “Our customers have not seen a game-changing fluid like the aerospace-approved XTREME CUT 250C or XTREME CUT 290. It takes a lot of work to get a product approved, but it has paid dividends in Canada.”

When asked how QualiChem’s metalworking fluids differ from competitors in the marketplace, Andrew mentions, “With us, customers have options. Every shop’s application is different and has specific needs, and QualiChem can provide multiple product solutions for each application. That really stands out to me.”

QualiChem continues to invest in product development, leveraging our knowledge to formulate fluids that help aerospace manufacturers establish new productivity standards. Products like XTREME CUT 250C and XTREME CUT 290 provide unmatched corrosion control, foam control, extended sump life, cleaner machines, reduced consumption, and excellent cutting performance on aluminum, steel, titanium, and nickel alloys.

In addition to quality products, QualiChem puts an emphasis on customer service. “QualiChem puts the customer first and is highly solutions-oriented. We partner with our customers to make their products better and achieve continuous improvement.” Andrew includes that challenging the customer sets them up for success because they’re given the opportunity to see how they can improve their products and processes.

A Fluid Culture

Andrew has experienced many different company cultures throughout his career, but he mentions that QualiChem stands out amongst them. “People are here for each other; not just for the customer but for the team, too,” he says. “Everyone supports each other and is here for the same reason: to assist our partners and customers.”

What has really stood out for Andrew since joining the QualiChem team is camaraderie. Andrew mentions. “If I have a question pertaining to one of our products or a specific application, one of my team members will chime in immediately; it’s efficient and helps me assist our customers and partners without delay.”

Andrew Hopper has made a great impact on the QualiChem team in Canada. He’s one of the many important members of our team who work diligently to provide current and potential customers with the products and services they rely on for everyday machining.

When he’s not helping customers increase their shop productivity, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family. He is an avid participant in IRONMAN triathlon competitions and carves out time to explore the abundance of outdoor activities that Canada has to offer.

When you choose to work with QualiChem, you’ve chosen a partner. From our sales engineers to our distributor representatives, you have resources you can trust to provide the best solution for your shop’s needs.