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MEMBRANE PRODUCTS  Products designed for pretreatment, cleaning and continuous on-line protection of reverse osmosis and other membrane technology.

  • Continuous deposit control for calcium, iron, and silica based foulants
  • Cleaning of Organic and /or Inorganic foulants
  • SDI Reduction
  • Lay-up and chlorine removal

WASTE WATER PRODUCTS  Products for the treatment of municipal and industrial waste water.

  • Organic/inorganic coagulant blends
  • Flocculants

ION EXCHANGE RESINS  Distributor of low cost ion exhange resins. 

  • Cation
  • Anion
  • Mixed bed resins.

GLYCOL PRODUCTS  Glycol products for closed loops.

  • Ethylene glycol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Inhibited or uninhibited
  • Dyed or clear

SPECIALITY PRODUCTS  Products for varying needs.

  • Lift station degreasers
  • Cleaning products

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