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QualiChem manufactures private label products specifically designed for the treatment of all types of cooling towers and systems. When you work with us, you can expect world class manufacturing, expert support, and the resources required to help your business grow.

Below is an overview of products available to private label sales and service companies. Please contact us if you seek a product not covered in this overview. We will be happy to help you meet your needs.

OPEN RECIRCULATING – Cooling Tower chemical programs custom designed for specific water conditions, whether it’s a scale forming or corrosive makeup water

  • Products for “difficult to treat” waters that will maximize cycles of concentration and also provide corrosion and scale protection in high stress systems
  • Whether you have cooling towers made of galvanized metal, stainless steel, fiberglass or wood, there are products available to control corrosion and deposition
  • We can design a product specific for the multi-metal system you have with the latest technology components available
  • Fluorescent traced products are available for ease of monitoring and precise control
  • Green Chemistry and Solid products available

CLOSED LOOP – Chemical programs for the unique demands of hot water and chilled water systems

  • Products specifically designed to inhibitor corrosion in fully closed or partially closed systems
  • Organic and inorganic chemistries using a variety of both industry standard and latest technology inhibitors
  • Effective corrosion inhibitors available with and without the use of molybdate
  • Products specifically designed for aluminum systems

COOLING SYSTEM CLEANUP PRODUCTS - For organic or inorganic foulants

  • Products used for the cleanup of older or neglected systems
  • Acidic and unique neutral pH cleanup products for iron fouled systems
  • Acid and Low hazard calcium carbonate cleanup products


  • Products used in the commissioning of new systems or cleanup of older neglected systems for a variety of metallurgies
  • Innovative products for the control of white rust on new galvanized towers

BIOCIDES – A full complement of effective microbiological control agents that help control bacteria, algae and fungi in your cooling systems

  • EPA Registered Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing Biocides
  • Products for closed and open systems


  • Once Through Treatments
  • Potable

To learn more about our cooling products, talk to a water treatment expert today.

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