With the recently completed phased expansion program, QualiChem has increased its facilities’ total square footage by 70 percent. The building now includes 35 percent more space for quality control, R&D laboratories and manufacturing and 50 percent more raw material and finished goods, plus a 233 percent increase for shipping and receiving. The company has also added a new state-of-the-art 45-seat training and conference center.

Download Our Boiler Startup Checklist

Download Our Boiler Startup Checklist

At QualiChem Inc, we make it a top priority to ensure that you have all of the information needed to effectively and efficiently operate your water treatment business.

This checklist offers you an overview of everything you'll need to take your shut down boiler to a fully operating one. Keep it handy as you go on-site to provide startup services to your equipment. Our checklist starts with placing valves in their startup position and takes you all the way through to when you will collect water samples to test.

3 Potential Causes of Microbiological Fouling

In our next post in this series, we want to discuss causes of microbiological fouling. This type of fouling occurs when planktonic, or free floating bacteria, attach to surfaces throughout the cooling system. As they attach, the bacteria will form a slime barrier that is used to protect the bacteria and to enhance the ability to stay attached to the surface. This environment they produce also helps with growth of the bacteria as it is a stable surrounding that can provide the food and protection needed for the bacteria to flourish.

What Does It Mean to be Named AWT Supplier of the Year? To Us, a Lot

We’re back from another great AWT show. We really enjoyed meeting new water treatment professionals, seeing many of our terrific customers, and spending time in beautiful San Diego.

This year’s AWT was truly special. We were incredibly humbled and honored to be recognized by our peers, customers, and the AWT as the 2016 Supplier of the Year.

So, what does it mean to be named Supplier of The Year?

QualiChem Welcomes Regional Business Manager Jeff Hobday

I am pleased to announce that Jeff Hobday has joined the QualiChem Water Treatment team as a Regional Business Manager for the Water Treatment Division effective September 2, 2016.

Jeff is responsible for new business development within the Water Treatment Division working with new clients as well as existing customers of QualiChem.  Jeff also provides technical and product application support, customer training and on-site support to clients as needed to support their needs in growing their business.

QualiChem Announces New Expansion

QualiChem recently began construction of a new manufacturing facility which will serve as an expansion to our capacity in Salem, Virginia.  The expansion, which totals approximately 24,000 sq. ft., will essentially double our footprint to allow for uninterrupted growth in our manufacturing well into the future.  QualiChem will now have approximately 70,000 sq. ft. of office, lab, manufacturing, and warehouse space in the Salem, VA area.

Legionella Update

CMS Requirement to Reduce Legionella Risk

In an effort to keep you informed on the latest developments in the water treatment industry, QualiChem has summarized what you need to know to educate yourself and your customer in regards to the recently released Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) memorandum on Legionella Risk in Healthcare Facilities.